How we work with you

Developing collective wisdom can sound daunting and the last thing we all need in today’s context is to feel overwhelmed by too much complexity. This is why, at Advanc-H, we focus on being pragmatic.

Although, we understand the sometimes complex intricacies of individuals, teams, groups, and organizations, we approach them in ways that are most relevant based on the specificities of your needs. We listen.

Rather than building solutions that strive to be all-encompassing, we work with you to build the simplest approach to unlocking the full potential of your ensemble.

We leverage from our fundamental building blocks as useful, and add a creative twist if and when helpful.

Finally, you always have the last say on how we move forward.

Building blocks of our solutions

Advanc-H | Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessment

Leaders play a critical role in enabling the collective wisdom of the teams they lead. We assess how effective your leaders are at activating the relevant levers for getting the best from their team members, both individually and collectively. We use a combination of psychometric tools, a structured interview, and optional 360° stakeholder interviews for assessing leadership capability and potential in your individual leaders. Assessments are conducted over a short period of time ranging from a few hours to a few weeks. The results of our assessments can be used for decision-making (recruitment, promotion, mobility) or development purposes. The aggregation of multiple individual assessments can provide valuable information about your leadership culture.

Advanc-H | Team Effectiveness

Team Effectiveness

Teams are powerful vehicles for growing collective wisdom in organizations and communities. We support your teams and their leaders in installing the conditions enabling their optimal performance as a team. This includes helping clarify the team’s purpose and gaining alignment across team members around the few critical priorities to be focused on to fulfill their purpose. It also includes helping them structure how they get their work done and how they monitor their own performance. Finally, but most importantly, we work with the team members to help them build the trusting relationships they need to get their work done, both within and outside the team. Team interventions typically begin by interviewing all members of the team. The outputs of the interviews fuel the design of a team working session which typically is conducted offsite over 1-2 days. A team charter and/or roadmap is defined and implemented over the next 6-12 months.

Advanc-H | Organizational Assessment

Organizational Assessment

We conduct organizational assessments to help you understand how your organization or community can further develop its collective wisdom. We take a holistic approach to conducting a diagnostic which includes a look at organizational mission and direction, structure and processes, as well as culture and people. Such an assessment can be conducted on part or all of the system you are interested in and will always include concrete recommendations to be discussed with all relevant stakeholders. We facilitate such discussions for alignment on next steps. The duration of such an assessment ranges from a few weeks to a few months depending on the size of your organization.

Advanc-H | Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Self-awareness is key to fine-tuning one’s effectiveness as a leader. We work with your leaders, individually or in small groups, to provoke the insights required to develop an appetite for learning. Once onboard the learning journey, we help your leaders practice and fine-tune the behaviors they have identified as development opportunities, to maximize the impact they have on their stakeholders and ecosystem. A learning journey is typically designed for an individual or a group of individuals over a period of 3 months to 1 year.

Advanc-H | Individual and Team Coaching

Individual and Team Coaching

We coach individuals and teams as they explore and practice new ways of working, enabling them to test and learn in a safe environment. We facilitate learning and self-reflection based on real life experiences while the people we work with build their own new-found autonomy. The typical duration of coaching can be anywhere from 6 months to 1 year.

Advanc-H | Organizational Development

Organizational Development

We work with all sizes of organizations and communities to support collective wisdom. Our interventions are built on-demand to meet your specific needs. They can include all or parts of our fundamental building blocks described previously. In addition, we provide methodology and process facilitation for the formulation of organizational purpose and collective learning sessions.