Your Lead Advisor

Maria-Elena Daynes

I believe in the capability of all human beings to work together in an intelligent, responsible, positively impactful, and mutually beneficial manner – under the right conditions.

My aim is to support and enable the development of these conditions, in order to ultimately contribute to the advancement of humanity.

Being from a multicultural background, and holding both French and American citizenship, I know diversity. And, thanks to both my personal and professional experiences, I understand what makes people ‘tick’ at an individual level, and ‘gel’ at a collective level.

I started Advanc-H in December 2020. I work internationally and across a multitude of environments, including business, public, non-profit, and private communities. I call upon my global network as relevant.

In September 2021, I co-founded Ivy Lead, a group of senior-level professionals dedicated to Change Management and to the collective and individual support of leaders. Together, we combine expert skills in change management, HR, assessment, coaching, training, marketing, communication, innovation, and facilitation. We share the same high standards of performance, excellence, and strong human values. The Ivy Lead is also a place of inspiration and tailored training for leaders.

Let’s explore together how we can unleash the full potential of your team, group or organization, to meet your challenges through collective learning.

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